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  • Bruce, Chris (2020-04-20)
    We initiate the study of a new class of semigroup C*-algebras arising from number-theoretic considerations; namely, we generalize the construction of Cuntz, Deninger, and Laca by considering the left regular C*-algebras ...
  • Gonçalves, Daniel (2009-12-14)
    C*-algebras from tilings are of particular interest. In 1998 J. Anderson and I. Putnam introduced a C*-algebra obtained from a substitution tiling that is viewed today as a standard invariant for this tilings. In this ...
  • Samuel, Jonathan Niall (2017-11-15)
    This Dissertation shows how the theory of C*-algebra of graphs relates to the theory of C*-algebras of sofic shifts. C*-algebras of sofic shifts are generalizations of Cuntz-Krieger algebras [8]. It is shown that if X is ...
  • Whittaker, Michael Fredrick. (2008-04-10)
    Anderson and Putnam, and Kellendonk discovered methods of defining a C*- algebra on a noncommutative space associated with a tiling. The method employed was to use Renault's theory of groupoid C*-algebras of an equivalence ...
  • Whittaker, Michael Fredrick (2010-07-15)
    We study aspects of noncommutative geometry on hyperbolic dynamical systems known as Smale spaces. In particular, there are two C*-algebras, defined on the stable and unstable groupoids arising from the hyperbolic dynamics. ...
  • Francis, Michael (2014-09-02)
    Given a C*-algebra $A$ endowed with an action $\alpha$ of $\R$ and an $\alpha$-invariant trace $\tau$, there is a canonical dual trace $\widehat \tau$ on the crossed product $A \rtimes_\alpha \R$. This dual trace induces ...

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