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  • Allahbakhshi, Mahsa (2011-03-16)
    Given a factor code [pi] from a shift of finite type X onto an irreducible sofic shift Y, and a fully supported ergodic measure v on Y we give an explicit upper bound on the number of ergodic measures on X which project ...
  • Antonioli, John (2013-09-03)
    We study compensation functions for an infinite-to-one factor code $\pi : X \to Y$ where $X$ is a shift of finite type. The $p$-Dini condition is given as a way of measuring the smoothness of a continuous function, with ...
  • Siefken, Jason (2010-08-06)
    Ergodic optimization is the study of which ergodic measures maximize the integral of a particular function. For sufficiently regular functions, e.g. Lipschitz/Holder continuous functions, it is conjectured that the set of ...
  • Koepke, Henrike (2013-08-23)
    We consider a dynamical system that undergoes frequent random switches according to Markovian laws between different states and where the associated transition rates change with the position of the system. These systems ...

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