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  • Gharaie, Sadaf Samimi; Mohammad Hossein Dabiri, Seyed; Akbari, Mohsen (Polymers, 2018)
    In this study, we fabricated and characterized a smart shear-thinning hydrogel composed of gelatin and laponite for localized drug delivery. We added chitosan (Chi) and poly N-isopropylacrylamide-co-Acrylic acid (PNIPAM) ...
  • Askari, Esfandyar; Seyfoori, Amir; Amereh, Meitham; Gharaie, Sadaf Samimi; Ghazali, Hanieh Sadat; Ghazali, Zahra Sadat; Khunjush, Bardia; Akbari, Mohsen (Gels, 2020)
    Currently, surgical operations, followed by systemic drug delivery, are the prevailing treatment modality for most diseases, including cancers and trauma-based injuries. Although effective to some extent, the side effects ...

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