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  • Xu, Kaifeng; Valeo, Caterina; He, Jianxun; Xu, Zhiying (Water, 2019)
    The influence of climatic variables and land use on fecal coliform (FC) levels in stormwater collected from outfalls throughout southern Vancouver Island between 1995 and 2011 are examined through statistical analyses, ...
  • Khan, Usman; Valeo, Caterina; Chu, Agnes; He, Jianxun (MDPI, 2013)
    Bioretention cells are an urban stormwater management technology used to address both water quality and quantity concerns. A lack of region-specific design guidelines has limited the widespread implementation of bioretention ...
  • Allafchi, Farzam; Valeo, Caterina; He, Jianxun; Neumann, Norman F. (Water, 2019)
    A hydrological model was integrated with a computational fluid dynamics (CFD) model to determine bacteria levels distributed throughout the Inverness stormwater pond in Calgary, Alberta. The Soil Conservation Service (SCS) ...
  • Valeo, Caterina; He, Jianxun; Checkley, Sylvia; Neumann, Norman (Institution of Civil Engineers (ICE), 2016-07-15)
    Spatial and seasonal patterns in the positive rates of total coliforms and Escherichia coli in Alberta well water were investigated to gain insight into well water microbial contamination. Analysis was conducted in the ...
  • He, Jianxun; Valeo, Caterina; Chu, Agnes (The World Academic Publishing Company Limited, 2015)
    The city of Calgary, Canada, has considered reusing stormwater from detention ponds for the irrigation of public lands. The diurnal variability in the water quality of these ponds was studied to ensure public safety. Field ...
  • Huang, Jian; Valeo, Caterina; He, Jianxun; Chu, Agnes (MDPI, 2012)
    This study examined the effectiveness of open-joint inter-locking pavers in a permeable pavement in cold (winter) conditions. A field-scale inter-locking paver cell (UNI Eco-Optiloc®) was built to evaluate the hydraulic ...

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