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  • Parkinson, Simon; Krey, Volker; Huppmann, Daniel; Kahil, Taher; McCollum, David; Fricko, Oliver; Byers, Edward; Gidden, Matthew J.; Mayor, Beatriz; Khan, Zarrar; Raptis, Catherine; Rao, Narasimha D.; Johnson, Nils; Wada, Yoshihide; Djilali, Ned; Riahi, Keywan (Environmental Research Letters, 2019)
    Energy systems support technical solutions fulfilling the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goal for clean water and sanitation (SDG6), with implications for future energy demands and greenhouse gas emissions. The ...
  • Kahil, Taher; Parkinson, Simon; Satoh, Yusuke; Greve, Peter; Burek, Peter; Veldkamp, Ted I.E.; Burtscher, Robert; Byers, Edward; Djilali, Ned; Fischer, Guenther; Krey, Volker; Langan, Simon; Riahi, Keywan; Tramberend, Sylvia; Wada, Yoshihide (Water Resources Research, 2018)
    This study presents the development of a new bottom‐up large‐scale hydroeconomic model, Extended Continental‐scale Hydroeconomic Optimization (ECHO), that works at a subbasin scale over a continent. The strength of ECHO ...
  • Zipper, Samuel C.; Jaramillo, Fernando; Wang-Erlandsson, Lan; Cornell, Sarah E.; Gleeson, Tom; Porkka, Miina; Häyhä, Tina; Crépin, Anne-Sophie; Fetzer, Ingo; Gerten, Dieter; Hoff, Holger; Matthews, Nathanial; Ricaurte-Villota, Constanza; Kummu, Matti; Wada, Yoshihide; Gordon, Line (Earth's Future, 2020)
    The planetary boundaries framework defines the “safe operating space for humanity” represented by nine global processes that can destabilize the Earth System if perturbed. The water planetary boundary attempts to provide ...
  • Esnault, Laurent; Gleeson, Tom; Wada, Yoshihide; Heinke, Jens; Gerten, Dieter; Flanary, Elizabeth; Bierkens, Marc F. P.; van Beek, Ludovicus P.H. (Water Resources Research, 2014)
    A number of aquifers worldwide are being depleted, mainly by agricultural activities, yet groundwater stress has not been explicitly linked to specific agricultural crops. Using the newly developed concept of the groundwater ...
  • Jasechko, Scott; Birks, S. Jean; Gleeson, Tom; Wada, Yoshihide; Fawcett, Peter J.; Sharp, Zachary D.; McDonnell, Jeffrey J.; Welker, Jeffrey M. (Water Resources Research, 2014)
    Groundwater recharged by meteoric water supports human life by providing two billion people with drinking water and by supplying 40% of cropland irrigation. While annual groundwater recharge rates are reported in many ...
  • Gleeson, Tom; Wang-Erlandsson, Lan; Zipper, Samuel C.; Porkka, Miina; Jaramillo, Fernando; Gerten, Dieter; Fetzer, Ingo; Cornell, Sarah E.; Piemontese, Luigi; Gordon, Line J.; Rockstrom, Johan; Oki, Taikan; Sivapalan, Murugesu; Wada, Yoshihide; Brauman, Kate A.; Florke, Martina; Bierkens, Marc F.P.; Lehner, Bernhard; Keys, Patrick; Kummu, Matti; Wagener, Thorsten; Dadson, Simon; Troy, Tara J.; Steffen, Will; Falkenmark, Malin; Famiglietti, James S. (One Earth, 2020-03)
    The planetary boundaries framework proposes quantified guardrails to human modification of global environmental processes that regulate the stability of the planet and has been considered in sustainability science, governance, ...

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