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  • Zipper, Samuel C.; Jaramillo, Fernando; Wang-Erlandsson, Lan; Cornell, Sarah E.; Gleeson, Tom; Porkka, Miina; Häyhä, Tina; Crépin, Anne-Sophie; Fetzer, Ingo; Gerten, Dieter; Hoff, Holger; Matthews, Nathanial; Ricaurte-Villota, Constanza; Kummu, Matti; Wada, Yoshihide; Gordon, Line (Earth's Future, 2020)
    The planetary boundaries framework defines the “safe operating space for humanity” represented by nine global processes that can destabilize the Earth System if perturbed. The water planetary boundary attempts to provide ...
  • Keys, Patrick W.; Porkka, Miina; Wang-Erlandsson, Lan; Fetzer, Ingo; Gleeson, Tom; Gordon, Line J. (Water Security, 2019)
    Water security is key to planetary resilience for human society to flourish in the face of global change. Atmospheric moisture recycling – the process of water evaporating from land, flowing through the atmosphere, and ...
  • Gleeson, Tom; Wang-Erlandsson, Lan; Zipper, Samuel C.; Porkka, Miina; Jaramillo, Fernando; Gerten, Dieter; Fetzer, Ingo; Cornell, Sarah E.; Piemontese, Luigi; Gordon, Line J.; Rockstrom, Johan; Oki, Taikan; Sivapalan, Murugesu; Wada, Yoshihide; Brauman, Kate A.; Florke, Martina; Bierkens, Marc F.P.; Lehner, Bernhard; Keys, Patrick; Kummu, Matti; Wagener, Thorsten; Dadson, Simon; Troy, Tara J.; Steffen, Will; Falkenmark, Malin; Famiglietti, James S. (One Earth, 2020-03)
    The planetary boundaries framework proposes quantified guardrails to human modification of global environmental processes that regulate the stability of the planet and has been considered in sustainability science, governance, ...

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