Wyndham Lewis and Modernism

Wyndham Lewis and Modernism


The Wyndham Lewis and Modernism symposium was a one day event organized by the University of Victoria Libraries as part of The Lion and the Fox exhibition. The exhibition, which ran from April 1-May 28, 2009 at the Mearns Centre for Learning, celebrated C.J. Fox’s donation of the material he collected about Lewis and other non-conformist writers over a 50 year period.

Recent Submissions

  • Lewis, Wyndham; Fox, C.J. (Cyril James); Russell, Danielle (University of Victoria Libraries, 2009)
  • Fox, C.J. (2009-08-14)
    C.J. Fox recalls first collecting Wyndham Lewis when the writer-painter's works were often in eclipse. Yet Fox's appetite was only heightened by the sense of pursuing "forbidden" underground fare. With growing mainstream ...
  • Betts, Gregory (2009-08-11)
    This paper on Vorticism and Futurism in Canadian literature explores three specific examples of Wyndham Lewis’s influence on Canadian authors and begins the process of proposing a Canadian Vorticism. The authors under ...
  • Ross, Stephen (2009-08-11)
    Wyndham Lewis and Ezra Pound’s relation to other modernists and subsequently, to modernist scholarship are contrasted. Lewis’s self-positioning as “the Enemy” had ramifications for his later acceptance into the modernist ...

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