Transgender Archives: Rikki Swin Institute

Transgender Archives: Rikki Swin Institute


The Rikki Swin Institute: Gender Education, Research, Library and Archives (RSI) was dedicated to transgender research and education. It opened to the public on March 22, 2001, to coincide with the 15th Annual Conference of the International Foundation for Gender Education. The Institute closed in December 2004. The Institute had four objectives: the housing of a library and archives; conference co-sponsorship; digital video education; and research.

Recent Submissions

  • Rikki Swin Institute (2012-08-27)
    Item is an 18 page survey for transpeople produced and disseminated by the Rikki Swin Institute, Chicago, Illinois. The anonymized survey was created in 2002 and approximately 300 completed surveys are located in Rikki ...

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