Transgender Archives: Barbara Findlay, Q.C. / Kimberly Nixon

Transgender Archives: Barbara Findlay, Q.C. / Kimberly Nixon


UVic's Transgender Archives holds materials related to transgenderism and the law donated by barbara findlay, Q.C. findlay also donated documents filed in BC Human Rights Tribunal and BC Court of Appeal cases concerning Kimberley Nixon v. Vancouver Rape Relief Society. findlay represented Nixon, a trans woman whose offer of volunteer work as rape counsellor was refused by Vancouver Rape Relief because Nixon was transgendered. Nixon filed a human rights complaint alleging discrimination based on sex.

Recent Submissions

  • findley, barbara (Across Our Differences Press: Vancouver, BC, 2002)
    Item is a booklet written by barbara findley, Q.C. findlay describes her career, her legal representation of Kimberly Nixon in Nixon v. Rape Relief, and reflects on oppression, both societal and individual. findlay ...

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