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  • Ma, He (2016-05-10)
    Dynamic electrocardiography has an important value for people with heart disease to help detect irregular arrhythmia, while few portable products of dynamic electrocardiography are commercially available. To solve this ...
  • Rahman, Himika (2015-09-14)
    In recent times, an immense increase in traffic has been experienced by wireless communication systems, due to a significant growth of number of users and the development of new high bit rate applications. It is expected ...
  • Zhou, Wen (2015-10-22)
    Whispering-gallery microcavities have been widely applied to many areas including sensing and nano-detection. To commercialize WGM sensors, packaging is necessary. This report introduces a design of a WGM nano-sensing ...
  • Li, Weizheng (2016-05-10)
    The heart attack has killed millions of people all over the world. Although the medical level is experiencing a high speed progress, there are increasing amount of sudden deaths caused by heart disease every year. One of ...
  • Abro, Manzoor Hussain (2016-08-15)
    A Wireless Sensor Network (WSN) supports a wide range of applications, but there are many challenging problems which need to be addressed. The energy consumption of nodes, in terms of extending the network lifetime and ...

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