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  • Mingarelli, Stefano Edoardo (2010-01-25)
    This thesis will critically examine some of the central issues that revolve around the understanding and defense of negative liberty that Isaiah Berlin presented in his famous lecture Two Concepts of Liberty. By taking ...
  • Kreye, Krystal Dawn (2010-02-19)
    This thesis investigates the work Michel Foucault produced in the late years of his life. During these years. Foucault gave many lectures on Ethics that were recently published into works. The thesis argues in favor of the ...
  • McConnell, Jesse Manning (2010-02-26)
    In Habermas's latest work, The Future of Human Nature. he points out that with our newfound ability to intervene in the physical substratum of an as yet to be realized subjectivity we have unveiled the well-entrenched ...
  • Pasternak, Shiri (2009-12-03)
    How can we think of power in the form of a seed? This thesis will trace the discourse of "improvement" from its seventeenth century use by John Locke to justify the appropriation of Aboriginal lands in North America to the ...

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