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  • Thiessen, Wesley Arnold (2014-04-24)
    The Mudawwana is a work which is traditionally credited to Saḥnūn, a legal jurist from Kairouan, North Africa in the 2nd-3rd/8th-9th century. It is one of the major legal texts at the foundation of the Mālikī madhhab named ...
  • Crow, David James (2009-11-10)
    In the late 1300s and early 1400s, when firearms made their arrival in the lands of Islam, the various dynasties exhibited differing responses. While the Ottoman sultanate wasted no time in incorporating firearms into their ...
  • Reid, Heather A. (2011-08-29)
    This is a study of the fifteenth-century, “Storie of Asneth,” a late-medieval English translation of a Jewish Hellenistic romance about the Patriarch, Joseph, and his Egyptian wife, Asneth (also spelled Aseneth, Asenath). ...

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