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  • Rinkes, D. A. (Malaysian Sociological Research Institute, 1996)
    D.A Rinkes (1878-1954) was a Leiden-trained orientalist who had a lengthy civil service career in the Netherlands East Indies, now Indonesia. In 1910 he began to publish a series of articles about the Islamic apostles or ...
  • Gordon, Alijah (Alijah Gordon, 2003)
    ‘U Ba Swe then ‘logically’ asked “what a blonde-haired girl has to do with this problem”. It was a question that would haunt me through all my life: Why? It is not your bangsa – not your race – not your problem. The time ...
  • Firdous, Syed Sumayya (Malaysian Sociological Research Institute, 2011)
    OBJECTIVES: This study was carried out with the following specific objectives in mind: a) To identify vulnerabilities and exigencies of the Palestinian refugee community in Malaysia b) To generate a profile (resources, ...
  • Gordon, Alijah (Ed.) (Malaysian Sociological Research Institute, 2001)
    Islamization of the Indonesian-Malay Archipelago was deliberately stymied by the colonial powers of the 16th century, violently by the Spanish in what became the Philippines, and ‘administratively’ by the Dutch, beginning ...
  • Gordon, Alijah (Ed.) (Malaysian Sociological Research Institute, 1999)
    Syed Shaykh al-Hady, militant reformer of Islam and Muslims, has yet to be fully recognized nationally in Malaya for his contribution to the liberation of Muslim consciousness. Syed Shaykh has yet to be recognized ...

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