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  • Dennis, Odelia (2020-06-22)
    The Tāłtān language is a language at risk of becoming a sleeping language. Although language revitalization efforts are helping to reclaim this language, more could be done to create speakers. As languages evolve to ...
  • Pascua, Maria Hita·ʔa·ʔoƛ (2020-06-22)
    The Makah Tribe in Neah Bay, Washington, began the Makah Language Program (MLP) in 1978 as Qʷi·qʷi·diččaq 'speaking Makah' (or the 'Makah language'), which is an endangered language. Most of the MLP efforts focus on ...
  • Rorick, Layla (čuucqa) (University of Victoria, 2016)
    Motivated by a desire to return a critically endangered Indigenous language to the land of its origin, the researcher, an adult second language learner and Hesquiaht woman delivered a four-day Hesquiaht place-based language ...
  • Jim, Jacqueline (University of Victoria, 2016)
    This reflexive masters project was an exploration of learning the first nations language SENĆOŦEN over the span of twenty-two years in formal classes, immersion, and more. The experience was shared from a teaching and ...
  • Daniels, Deanna (Xway'Waat) (University of Victoria, 2016)
    Indigenous languages are at risk of extinction in Canada, and also at risk are the traditional storytelling ways of our ancestors. Our First Peoples have been using oral transmission to pass on cultural knowledge about ...

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