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Educational equity for children from diverse language backgrounds: mother tongue-based bilingual or multilingual education in the early years : summary 4957
Design of Optimal Quincunx Filter Banks for Image Coding 4119
Introduction to the special issue on leadership and culture in the Middle East 3384
Improved subband-based and normal-mesh-based image coding 2903
Sir Sayyid Ahmad Khan's Asar-ul-Sanadid: the construction of history in nineteenth-century India 2421
Making the abstract concrete: the place of geometric signs in French upper paleolithic parietal art 2379
Dams in the Tigris Euphrates river basins 2201
Unsettling the settler within: Canada's peacemaker myth, reconciliation, and transformative pathways to decolonization 1997
The social organization of mothers' work: managing the risk and the responsibility for Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder 1729
The crisis of chronic disease among Aboriginal Peoples: A challenge for public health, population health and social policy 1708

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