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  • Bruce, Chris (2020-04-20)
    We initiate the study of a new class of semigroup C*-algebras arising from number-theoretic considerations; namely, we generalize the construction of Cuntz, Deninger, and Laca by considering the left regular C*-algebras ...
  • Wiart, Jaspar (2013-08-15)
    In their paper [2] Cuntz, Deninger, and Laca introduced a C*-algebra \mathfrak{T}[R] associated to a number ring R and showed that it was functorial for injective ring homomorphisms and had an interesting KMS-state ...
  • Duwenig, Anna (2020-04-09)
    The irrational rotation algebra A_θ is known to be Poincaré self-dual in the KK-theoretic sense. The spectral triple representing the required K-homology fundamental class was constructed by Connes out of the Dolbeault ...
  • Campbell, Russell J. (2009-12-22)
    We define a variation of injective oriented colouring as reflexive injective oriented colouring, or rio-colouring for short, which requires an oriented colouring to be injective on the neighbourhoods of the underlying ...
  • Peebles, Jason Samuel (2010-03-18)
    We consider the semigroup of principal integral ideals, P. in a number field and study its associated Toeplitz representation. From this specific representation, a certain covariance relation is obtained and subsequently ...
  • Francis, Michael (2014-09-02)
    Given a C*-algebra $A$ endowed with an action $\alpha$ of $\R$ and an $\alpha$-invariant trace $\tau$, there is a canonical dual trace $\widehat \tau$ on the crossed product $A \rtimes_\alpha \R$. This dual trace induces ...

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