Artz, Sibylle

Artz, Sibylle


Dr. Artz is a Full Professor, and former Director of the School of Child and Youth Care at the University of Victoria. Her community-based collaborative research projects include:

  • A five year project, entitled A Community Based Violence Prevention Project that was instrumental in reducing school based violence in the participating district by 40-50%;
  • A Community-Based Approach for Dealing with Violent Under Twelve Year Old Youth;
  • Collaborative work with undertaken with service providers entitled, Developing Girls’ Custody Units: A Project in Two Phases;
  • A project that involved three Vancouver Island communities entitled, Developing a Gender-Sensitive Community Needs Assessment Tool for Supporting At-Risk Girls and Young Women;
  • A project entitled, Homelessness Outreach Project for Single Parent Families, a CIHR Institute of Gender and Health (IGH) in partnership with the CIHR Institute of Human Development, Child Youth and Health (IHDCYH),
  • Newly Emerging Team Program, entitled, Aggressive and Violent Girls: Contributing Factors Developmental Course and Intervention Strategies and
  • Two current projects involving collaboration with a local alternative school entitled, Implementing innovative strategies for reducing aggression and violence in at-risk mothers and their babies, and Documenting an Integrated Childcare Program’s Ability to Support At-risk Young Mothers and their Children.

She has published more than fifty refereed articles and written several books.

Selected Book Publications
Artz, Sibylle. (2001). Guide for Needs Assessment for Youth . Ottawa: National Crime Prevention Centre.

Artz, Sibylle. (1994). Feeling as a way of knowing: a practical guide for working with emotional experience . Toronto: Trifolium Books.

Artz, Sibylle. (1997). Sex, Power and the Violent School Girl . Toronto: Trifolium Books.

Artz, Sibylle & Hoskins, M. (Eds.) (2004). Working relationally with girls: complex lives/complex identities . New York; London: Haworth Press.


School of Child & Youth Care


  • The Theory Practice Relationship in Human and Social Development
  • Ways of Knowing, Ways of Making Sense: The Process of Reflection in Action
  • At Risk Children and Adolescents Adolescent Females’ use of Violence
  • Youth Violence Prevention
  • She is currently participating in the International Initiative to end the Use of Child Soldiers led by Senator Romeo Dallaire.


  • 1998 Academic of the Year by Confederation of University Faculty Associations in BC
  • 2004 Award of Distinction for Research from McCreary Youth Foundation, Vancouver
  • 2008 Leadership Victoria Award for her many years of community-based research

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