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  • Shepard, Aaron (2011-07-18)
    “When is a Man Where He Drowns” is a creative project that forms part of a novel in progress. In the novel, Paul Rasmussen, 31, an anthropology instructor and ethnographer, is recovering from a career setback and early ...
  • Martens, Garth (2011-07-18)
    This collection of poems examines the inner and outer landscapes of construction sites, and the psychic and physical damage sustained both by men and the land during periods of economic surge. The colloquial speech of ...
  • Kingsley, Jennifer (2011-07-18)
    Something Like Wilderness: A Journey into the Heart of the Tundra is a work of creative non-fiction that chronicles Jennifer Kingsley’s 54-day canoe expedition down Nunavut’s Back River in the summer of 2005. This ...
  • Siebert, Melanie (2011-06-03)
    Deepwater Vee began as a meditation on the rivers I have worked on as a wilderness guide—the Nahanni, the Thelon, the Burnside, the Tatshenshini / Alsek, and others. The lyric poems take wobbly bearings and try to track ...
  • The quiet 
    Bennett, Anne-Marie (2011-05-31)
    This collection of poems concerns contemplative silence, uncertainty, and the relationship between reverence, and constructions of littleness and absence.
  • Flyways 
    Krukoff, Devin (2010-02-22)
    This thesis is a long work of fiction, straddling the line between a cycle of short stories and a novel. The work is comprised of 35 chronological sections, with a new main character in each section. The dominant narrative ...
  • Shields, Sara (2010-02-19)
    A collection of lyrical, free verse poems that trace the evolution of a young woman's consciousness as she matures into the roles of spouse. mother and grown daughter. The natural -slope"" from order to disorder runs through ...
  • Pickett, Karen Lee (2008-12-19)
    An original full-length theatrical play in three parts, Hand of Jane deals with themes of faith, family and responsibility to the past, and examines human spiritual evolution through the story of a father and daughter, and ...
  • Acker, Lori Maleea (2008-08-14)
    Original poems in English and Spanish.