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  • Keais, Graeme; Hanson, Mark; Gowen, Brent; Perlman, Steve (Journal of Evolutionary Biology, 2017-06)
    Selfish genes that bias their own transmission during meiosis can spread rapidly in populations, even if they contribute negatively to the fitness of their host. Driving X chromosomes provide a clear example of this type ...
  • Matabos, M.; Tunnicliffe, V.; Juniper, S. Kim; Dean, C. (PLOS ONE, 2012)
    Changes in ocean ventilation driven by climate change result in loss of oxygen in the open ocean that, in turn, affects coastal areas in upwelling zones such as the northeast Pacific. Saanich Inlet, on the west coast of ...
  • Hall, O.; Davinson, T.; Estrade, A.; Liu, J.; Lorusso, G.; Montes, F.; Nishimura, S.; Phong, V.H.; Woods, P.J.; Agramunt, J.; Ahn, D.S.; Algora, A.; Allmond, J.M.; Baba, H.; Bae, S.; Brewer, N.T.; Bruno, C.G.; Caballero-Folch, R.; Dillmann, I. (Physics Letters B, 2021)
    Theoretical models of β-delayed neutron emission are used as crucial inputs in r-process calculations. Benchmarking the predictions of these models is a challenge due to a lack of currently available experimental data. In ...

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