Thematic Review on CBR in Asset-Based Development

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    Appreciating Assets
    (Carnegie UK Trust, 2011-02) O'Leary, Tara; Burkett, Ingrid; Braithwaite, Kate
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    Mapping the assets of your community: A key component for building local capacity
    (Southern Rural Development Center, 2002) Beaulieu, Lionel J
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    Who is driving development? Reflections on the transformative potential of asset-based community development?
    (Coady International Institute, St. Francis Xavier University, 2003-10) Mathie, Alison; Cunningham, Gord
    Arising out of a critique of needs-based approaches to development, Asset-Based Community Development (ABCD) offers a set of principles to mobilize and sustain community economic development. This paper draws attention to the connections between these principles and practices and (i) current interest in sustainable livelihoods as a conceptual framework, (ii) the concept of social capital, (iii) the social psychology of mobilization, (iv) the enhancement capacity and agency to engage as citizens with the entitlements of citizenship, (v) the role of multiple stakeholders; and (vi) the issue of control over the development process. Finally the paper points to the challenges for NGOs employing an asset-based, community-driven approach given the needs-based, problem-solving paradigm in which they operate.
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    From clients to citizens: Asset-based community development as a strategy for community-driven development
    (The Coady International Institute, St. Francis Xavier University, 2002-01) Mathie, Alison; Cunningham, Gord
    Asset-based community development (ABCD) is presented as an alternative to needs-based approaches to development. Following an overview of the principles and practice of ABCD, five major elements of ABCD are examined in the light of current literature on relevant research and practice. This involves exploring: the theory and practice of appreciative inquiry; the concept of social capital as an asset for community development; the theory of community economic development, such as the sustainable livelihoods approach; lessons learned from two decades of international development in the participatory paradigm; and the theory and practice of building active citizenship engagement and stronger civil society. How ABCD both reflects recent trends in these areas and stands to benefit from the insights generated from this work is outlined.
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    Asset-Based Community Development Web Links
    (2015-11-14) Foulkes, Tabitha
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