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  • Dodd, Erica Cruikshank (Dumbarton Oaks Research Library & Collection, 1961)
  • Thompson, Doreen Helen (2018-07-03)
    The emergence of the New Woman in the 1890s was the result of a broad spectrum of feminist demands: equal advantages with men in education, entrance into "male" professions, and a share in the government of the country. ...
  • De Man, Brecht; McNally, Kirk; Reiss, Joshua D. (Journal of the Audio Engineering Society, 2017-01)
    Artificial reverberation is an important music production tool with a strong but poorly understood perceptual impact. A literature review of the relevant works concerned with the perception of musical reverberation is ...
  • Duer, Elizabeth Yeend; Butler-Palmer, Carolyn (ed) (2019-11-24)
    Elizabeth Yeend Duer (1889–1951) was born in Nagasaki, Japan. Her father was an Englishman, Yeend Duer (1846–1921) and her mother a Japanese woman, Yasu Tsunekawa (née Zama, 1859–1936). Elizabeth grew up knowing much about ...
  • Sharif, Radwan; Tanyer, Suleyman Gokhun; Harrison, Stephen; Junor, William; Driessen, Peter; Herring, Rodney (Remote Sensing, 2022)
    The Radio Wave Phase Imager uses monitoring and recording concepts, such as Software Defined Radio (SDR), to image Earth’s atmosphere. The Long Wavelength Array (LWA), New Mexico Observatory is considered a high-resolution ...

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