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  • Prescott, Susan L.; Hancock, Trevor; Bland, Jeffrey; van den Bosch, Matilda; Jansson, Janet K.; Johnson, Christine C.; Kondo, Michelle; Katz, David; Kort, Remco; Kozyrskyj, Anita; Logan, Alan C.; Lowry, Christopher A.; Nanan, Ralph; Poland, Blake; Robinson, Jake; Schroeck, Nicholas; Sinkkonen, Aki; Springmann, Marco; Wright, Robert O.; Wegienka, Ganesa (International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health, 2019)
    inVIVO Planetary Health (inVIVO) is a progressive scientific movement providing evidence, advocacy, and inspiration to align the interests and vitality of people, place, and planet. Our goal is to transform personal and ...
  • Pauly, Bernie; Shahram, Sana Z.; Dang, Phuc T. H.; Marcellus, Lenora; MacDonald, Marjorie (AIMS Public Health, 2017)
    Introduction: Reducing health inequities is a stated goal of health systems worldwide. There is widespread commitment to health equity among public health leaders and calls for reorientation of health systems towards health ...
  • MacKinnon, Karen; Pauly, Bernadette (Bernie); Shahram, Sana; Wallace, Bruce; Urbanoski, Karen; Gordon, Carol; Raworth, Rebecca; MacDonald, Marjorie; Marcellus, Lenora; Sawchuck, Diane; Pagan, Flora; Strosher, Heather; Inglis, Dakota; Macevicius, Celeste; Strayed, Nathan (JBI Database of Systematic Reviews and Implementation Reports, 2019)
    The purpose of this scoping review is to systematically identify and describe literature that uses a health equity-oriented (HEO) approach for preventing and reducing the harms of stigma or overdose for people who use ...
  • Ford-Gilboe, Marilyn; Wathen, C. Nadine; Varcoe, Colleen; Herbert, Carol; Jackson, Beth E.; Lavoie, Josée G.; Pauly, Bernadette (Bernie); Perrin, Nancy A.; Smye, Victoria; Wallace, Bruce; Wong, Sabrina T.; Browne, Annette J. (The Milbank Quarterly, 2018)
    Policy Points A consensus regarding the need to orient health systems to address inequities is emerging, with much of this discussion targeting population health interventions and indicators. We know less about applying ...
  • Kenny, Tiff-Annie; Little, Matthew; Lemieux, Tad; Griffin, P. Joshua; Wesche, Sonia D.; Ota, Yoshitaka; Batal, Malek; Chan, Hing Man; Lemire, Melanie (International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health, 2020)
    Indigenous Peoples in high-income countries experience higher burdens of food insecurity, obesity, and diet-related health conditions compared to national averages. The objective of this systematic scoping review is to ...

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