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  • Stockwell, Tim; Pakula, Basia; Macdonald, Scott; Zhao, Jinhui; Reist, Dan; Thomas, Gerald; Puri, Ajay; Buxton, Jane; Tu, Andrew; Duff, Cameron (Centre for Addictions Research of BC, 2007-12)
    Overview • Alcohol consumption in Canada has increased by over 11% in the past decade. • Per adult absolute alcohol consumption in British Columbia has increased from 8.18 litres in 2002 to 8.53 litres in 2005. • Since ...
  • Pauly, Bernie; Graham, Brittany; Vallance, Kate; Brown, Meaghan; Stockwell, Timothy (Canadian Institute for Substance Use Research, University of Victoria, 2020-06-30)
    In the landscape of illicit drug harm reduction and alcohol policy, there are few options for those impacted by the harms of high risk or illicit drinking (unsafe settings, unsafe sources such as nonbeverage alcohol and ...
  • Stockwell, Tim; Surge, Jodi; Macdonald, Scott (Centre for Addictions Research of BC, 2007-04)
    Overview • Drinking patterns in BC and Canada were compared against guidelines for low risk alcohol consumption using the 2004 Canadian Addiction Survey (CAS) • The low response rate (44% in BC, 47% in Canada) and other ...
  • Stockwell, Tim; Vallance, Kate; Martin, Gina; Macdonald, Scott; Ivsins, Andrew; Chow, Clifton; Greer, Alissa; Zhao, Jinhui; Duff, Cameron; Lucas, Philippe; Marsh, David; Michelow, Warren; Treno, Andrew (Centre for Addictions Research of BC, 2010-12)
    Overview ••This bulletin compares the price of alcohol in British Columbia with “standard doses” of six widely used illicit drugs. ••Street prices for illicit drugs were estimated by 1606 recreational and street drug ...
  • Thompson, Kara; Stockwell, Tim; Vallance, Kate; Giesbrecht, Norman; Wettlaufer, Ashley (Centre for Addictions Research of BC, 2013-08)
    Overview • This bulletin reports on the current state of alcohol policy in British Columbia (BC) from a public health and safety perspective using results from a comprehensive national study • BC’s alcohol policy ...
  • Giesbrecht, Norman; Wettlaufer, Ashley; April, Nicole; Asbridge, Mark; Cukier, Samantha; Mann, Robert; McAllister, Janet; Murie, Andrew; Pauley, Chris; Plamondon, Laurie; Stockwell, Tim; Thomas, Gerald; Thompson, Kara; Vallance, Kate (Centre for Addictions & Mental Health, 2013-03)

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