Redefining Collaboration Between Performers and Composers in the Process of Music Creation




Nguyen, Bella

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This research is inspired by Dr. Mark Takeshi McGregor’s thesis entitled, “Of Instrumental Value: Flutist – Composer Collaboration in the Creation of New Music” and thus, is centered around the collaboration between performer and composer. Through the creation process, the composers and I endeavour to showcase shared ownership of the piece through various techniques. The four new flute pieces hinge on the performer’s movements, electronic soundscapes and accompaniment, and recitation of poetry to create another layer of music that originates outside of the composer’s written work. They all elaborate and express different aspects of one’s journey through the realization of self-identity, and it is only through the exploration of unique methods of sound production that the research team is able to communicate such a meaningful theme.



Collaboration, flute, contemporary, identity, new compositions, MUGIC device