Improving care for patients undergoing day care




Bolderson, Kathie

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With a rapid increase in numbers of procedures performed as day surgery, organizations are challenged to sustain quality care for patients using these services. In this paper, I will investigate the current pain care practices for this patient population. A structured preoperative program, which includes provision of information on self-care pain management, will assist patients undergoing day care procedures to assess and manage their pain more effectively. Twenty three articles were critiqued and graded for relevance. Ten articles were chosen for this integrative review of the literature--all ten articles were graded as highly relevant to the problem—and included both original research and other sources. Findings indicate that this patient population requires an increase in psychological support. In addition; specific changes to the current way of providing perioperative education for patients are indicated. Expanding the nurses‘ educative role in this setting is a key strategy for improving the quality of care for patients undergoing day surgery and their families. I recommend the implementation of a structured program for patients undergoing day surgery. A structured program would include: (a) patient assessment at the pre-admission stage to ensure suitability for day surgery, (b) psychological support with attention to anxiety management strategies during the pre-operative waiting time, and, (c) individualized patient information provision that includes pain care to facilitate self-care after discharge.



improving care, patients, day care