Estimating the magnetic characteristics of a salient pole synchronous machine using ampere turns distribution method




Subramanian, Jayaram

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Modeling of electrical machines play a very important role in a variety of applications such as performance analysis, characterization, fault diagnosis, condition monitoring and stress analysis of the machines. One of the important parameter while modeling the electrical machine is the magnetic characteristics of the core material. This plays a huge role in the performance characteristics and analysis of the electrical machines. Existing techniques available to determine the magnetic characteristics of a material are mainly Epstein and single sheet tester. These two tests are invasive and destructive method of testing the magnetic characteristics of the material. This research work takes up this problem and comes with a simple yet effective solution to determine the average magnetic characteristics of the material in the salient pole synchronous machine (SPSM). An FE model of the SPSM was developed to closely emulate the characteristics of the experimental machine. This FE model was first subjected to magnetostatic simulation under different field currents using a known magnetic material. Ampere turn distribution technique was used to determine the magnetic characteristics of the material. Following the determination of the new material, this material was used in the FE simulation of the SPSM running as a motor and a generator under varying load condition and field currents. Then these results were compared with the real machine to determine the effectiveness of the developed scheme.



ampere turn, finite element modeling, magnetic characteristics, modeling of electrical machines, Synchronous Machine