The impact of using weekly tutorial quizzes on student performance of introductory organic chemistry




Latrille, Manon

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Highly structured courses (Hogan and Sathy, 2022) offer multiple avenues for students to engage with content via in-class participation, collaborative learning during tutorials, and online homework. These opportunities accommodate a wide range of abilities and approaches to learning, and thus promote more inclusive and accessible classrooms (Dawson and Keenan, 2009). We examined the effect of introducing in-class tutorial quizzes as formative assessments in second year introductory organic chemistry. We used course grades to probe the impact of these quizzes on student performance and surveys to collect information on student attitudes about the course. Preliminary results from grades do not indicate a positive correlation between the addition of tutorial quizzes and student performance. However, students perceived tutorial quizzes as a positive tool for their learning and performance in CHEM 234.



formative assessments, course design, tutorial quizzes, student perception, student performance, Chemistry education