Encouraging emotional well-being and engagement in students through respectful interactions




Street, Laura

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In this project, current research is explored regarding the relationship between emotional well-being and student engagement. The literature review reveals how creating a positive classroom climate can lead to student engagement through relationship building, modeling interaction skills, subject integration of social skills, and encouraging family involvement. Entwined throughout these processes is the abiding issue of time. Change will only occur if a focus on the well-being of our students can be woven throughout a teacher’s existing practices. Following the literature review, the author engages in a critical reflection of her own practice to develop pro-social classroom relationships throughout an instructional year including suggestions and strategies that can be used to teach about interacting with others under the umbrella of a curricular topic. The final portion of this project consists of an annotated list, created by the author, of picture books that are meant to initiate a dialogue with students regarding issues of social interaction, specifically: inclusion, initiating and maintaining friendships, fair play and cooperation, speaking, listening, and body language skills, and conflict resolution.



education, elementary, emotional well-being, engagement, respectful interactions, pro-social, manners, social skills