Exploring a conflict healing theoretical framework within a Locate, Describe and Transform (LDT™) self-applied energy healing session




Morton, Karen

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Healing from conflict allows us to bring the best we can be to each relationship and situation, however current healing techniques focus on the involvement of other people. A self-healing road map could be beneficial. The goal of this research was to examine Locate, Describe and Transform (LDT™) and its potential to provide just such a guide. This qualitative case study examined a single, self-applied LDT™ energy session in order to explore what might be revealed about its underlying conflict healing theoretical framework. Using Moustakas’ heuristic methodology, the LDT™ process was formulated and linked to research in embodiment, metaphor, and energy healing. The concept of universal energy was then compared to four conflict theories of connection, including Maslow’s Self-Actualization, Redekop’s Mimetic Structures of Blessing, LeBaron’s Connected Ways of Knowing, and Gopin’s Eight Steps. LDT™ was found to be theoretically grounded and worthy of further exploration.



conflict, energy healing, conflict healing, locate, describe & transform, LDT, theory, self-study, qualitative, case study, heuristic, embodiment, metaphor