A Convenor for Community Benefit Agreements - What Does It Look Like?




Kemp, Kathleen Vivienne

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Community benefit agreements (CBAs) leverage real estate or infrastructure development to create social impact. CBAs involve a number of stakeholders, which form a coalition or collaboration. A convenor is an organization or organizations that move the work of a CBA coalition or collaboration forward. This research was completed on behalf of a client, United Way East Ontario, and addresses the research question of how they can be the best convenor for CBAs. The methodology included a literature review and participant interviews to address common practices in convening and what would define a good convenor for Ottawa, which is where the research is based. A series of organizational roles were identified, along with four organizational structures for a convening organization or organizations. The findings resulted in three defined objectives for a good convenor, a priority ranking of roles that need to be fulfilled by a convenor and three decision factors for selecting the organizational composition of the convenor.



CBA, community benefit agreement, convenor, community benefit agreement convenor, community convenor, convenor role