Activity-oriented approaches in child and youth care interventions




Damsgaard, Donna

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The purpose of this qualitative descriptive study shows how child and youth care professionals understand and apply activity-oriented interventions with children aged 6 to 11. Thirteen child and youth care professionals who employ activity-oriented interventions with children participated in semi-structured interviews. Interviews were transcribed and analyzed using an inductive content analysis approach. Eighteen emergent themes describe the participants’ perceptions of how activity-oriented interventions engage children, build therapeutic relationships and aid children’s learning. The findings in this study show how activity-oriented interventions fit with children’s development and are seen to be helpful in facilitating self-awareness and promoting change. Further, the findings highlight the lack of activity-oriented core training in Canadian undergraduate and graduate child and youth care programs. These finding suggest that there is a need for increased core curriculum in activity-oriented approaches, and also for future research in the effectiveness of activity-oriented interventions.



Activity-based interventions with children, Activity-based approaches with children, Activity-based modalities, Activity as a therapeutic medium, Activity-based interventions in Child and Youth Care, Activities, Activity-oriented interventions, Interventions, Therapeutic interventions, Activity-oriented core training, Activity-based core crriculum, Core curriculum in activity-oriented interventions