Thin client collaborative visualizations using the distributed cloud




Hemmings, Matthew

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This thesis describes the research, design, implementation, and evaluation of a collaborative visualization system that models large data sets in thin clients using the Lively Web development environment. A thin client is a computing device with light resources, depending heavily on remote computational resources for any large scale data processing. A thin client could be a cellular phone, a tablet or a laptop with insuffcient resources to perform heavy computing locally. The applications of this technology form part of a new class of application where large data sets are being visualized and collaborated on with low latency where the users are geographically separated. The primary motivation of this research is to show that large data sets can be viewed and interacted with on any device, regardless of geographic location, in collaboration with other users with no setup required by the user. In addition, it shows the strengths of the Lively Web in developing impressive thin-client visualizations in a flexible, straight-forward manner. For deployment, Lively Web servers are brought up using docker containers on the distributed cloud using virtual machines allocated by the Global Environment for Network Innovations (GENI) and Smart Applications on Virtual Infrastructure (SAVI) networks.



Computer Science, Visualization, Cloud, Lively Web