What is the point? en-spiriting the practice of acupuncture




Zawisza, Alexandra Maria Marguerite

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The following is an inquiry into the phenomenon of “Spirit” and its relation to the practice of locating an acupuncture point. In this context of Traditional Chinese Medicine, which finds its roots in Taoist tradition, the aspect of Spirit shen is understood as being inextricably inter-related, inter-dependent and inter-connected with the Body and Mind aspects of this triune. Eight practitioners agreed to participate in a taped interview describing the experience of locating an acupoint. Although each practitioner described an experience which was unique, four threads emerged which are similar: (1) the practitioner focuses a body mediated awareness inward; (2) this awareness is then extended to the patient; (3) then there is the experience of movement toward the point both with intention and a palpating finger; and (4) when the point has been located there is a pause, followed by the sensation of arrival of the patient’s qi at the acupoint.



acupuncture, curriculum, acupoint, Spirit, traditional Chinese medicine, acupuncture point, body mind spirit