State-of-Art Review of Sustainability in Construction Management




Ghamsari-Esfahani, A.
Save, P.W.
Froese, Thomas M.

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CSCE 3rd International / 9th Construction Specialty Conference


Construction management and sustainability have long been interlinked as it is well known that construction affects people’s lives during building and throughout the lifespan of the completed works. This paper presents research carried out as a preliminary activity of a broader study of sustainable construction and infrastructure management practices. The scope of the study is sustainability issues relating to the construction process and construction management (not the construction ―product‖, i.e., green building design and technologies). An international selection of 14 journals was chosen to provide a diverse view on research on sustainability. In order to locate articles related to sustainability, the terms ―sustainable‖ and ―sustainability‖ were used to search for articles in each journal. This initial search rendered 1600 results, and after further analysis 141 relevant papers were identified and evaluated on over 30 attributes; these attributes also included the environmental, economic, and societal pillars of sustainability. The results suggest there has been limited research completed in the sustainable management of the early stages of infrastructure projects, i.e. scheduling and the construction process in order to deliver the project more sustainably. Additionally, the results suggest that not much research has been carried out related to linking the economic and societal pillars of sustainability. Overall, the authors provide a meta-analysis of the reviewed literature; identified trends, emerging areas of interest, and areas that may require further research.




Ghamsari-Esfahani, A. , Save, P.W. & Froese, T. (2011). State-of-Art Review of Sustainability in Construction Management. Paper presented at CSCE 3rd International/9th Construction Specialty Conference, Ottawa, ON.