Engineering of surface plasmon resonance nanohole sensing




Das, Mandira

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A spectrally integrated response method is proposed for analyzing transmission data from nanohole array sensors. This method increases the sensitivity by reducing noise and taking more information from the spectrum for bulk and surface sensing. Results from both real experiments and idealized simulations are presented. Comparison with two other methods- peak transmission wavelength shift and a normalized difference integrated response method are shown. This method shows improved sensing performance which can be exploited in future. Further improvement in sensing using nanohole arrays is explored by improving the instrumentation of the sensor system. Design parameters of the nanohole arrays for transmission at two different operating wavelengths were examined by using finite difference time domain simulations. Focused ion beam milling was used to fabricate chosen arrays. A microfluidic chip with the embedded nanohole array sensor was used to introduce different solutions for bulk chemical sensing. Intensity measurements were taken with a high speed CMOS camera. Sensing results using this system with possible improvements shows promise for future sensing applications.



surface plasmon, sensitivity