Pathological Joyce: a psychoanalytic exploration of neurosis and perversion in James Joyce's Dubliners




Loiseau, Lawrence

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This thesis uses a combination of psychoanalysis and Marxism to demonstrate how James Joyce's writing enabled him to break away from his unconscious attachments to capitalism. Offering a detailed reading of Joyce's Dubliners. it makes three central claims. First. that Joyce's writing is neurotic in structure, not perverse. as is commonly thought. Second, that Joyce's writing depicts neurotic characters struggling in a social. cultural and political context that privileges the perverse. And lastly, that Joyce locates the source of this ongoing privilege in capitalist ideology. The conclusion is that Joyce's writing may be said to "hystericize" the perverse subject of capitalism; Joyce's neurotic writing style provokes the perverse subject of capitalist ideology into questioning his or her disavowing complicity of the dominance of capital. Ultimately, therefore, this thesis illuminates how Joyce's writing presents -- and continues to present -- a remarkable challenge to contemporary modes of control upon the modern subject.



James Joyce, Dubliners, neurotics in literature