A new tool for grammar-based test case generation




Sobotkiewicz, Lewis Paul

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Software testing is a time-consuming and expensive task. To reduce costs, automating many testing steps is desirable. In grammar-based test generation (GBTG), inputs to a system under test are defined by a context-free grammar. The language of the grammar contains all possible test cases. Another approach based on covering arrays (CA) strategically reduces the number of test cases produced. Both GBTG and CA are normally used independently. We show that the two methods are very powerful when used together. We introduce a notation and derivation algorithm that combines traditional GBTG and CA. We describe YouGen, a new tool for defining and producing such test cases. In order to demonstrate the versatility of YouGen, we describe the methodology and results of a case study testing network firewall behaviour. The thesis of this work is that GBTG and CA can be combined to produce a powerful and practical test case generator.