Illuminated Darkness: Nightmares, Blind spots and Biofeedback




Hiebert, Ted

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Pacific Centre for Technology and Culture


A darkness lurks in the blind spot of perception; an absence, a disappearance that can go unnoticed because it is always and immediately filled in – illuminated – by the neural processes of cognition. But such interpolation does not belong merely to realms of the cognitive or the visual. It also belongs to the imaginary – allowing for an image that is distinctly not present to nevertheless infiltrate the perceptual scene. The light of the blind spot is, in no uncertain terms, made up – an hallucinated presence that preserves a seamless vision of reality by masking the reality of vision. Nor is this dynamic limited to the questions of cognition or perception: this illumination of darkness is a trademark of digital culture in a larger sense – a technological extension of the imagination caught in perceptual relation. Digital culture is an extension of the blind spot – user-generated content, replete with imaginary complexities, uncertainties and paradoxes.



nightmares, biofeedback, blind spot, perception, illuminated darkness, interpolation, digital culture, user-generated content


Hiebert, Ted. "Illuminated Darkness: Nightmares, Blind spots and Biofeedback." Pacific Centre for Technology and Culture, Victoria, B.C. 5 June 2009. Presentation.