A microscopic traffic flow model characterization for weather conditions




Ali, Faryal
Khan, Zawar Hussain
Khattak, Khurram Shehzad
Gulliver, T. Aaron

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Applied Sciences


Road surfaces are affected by rain, snow, and ice, which influence traffic flow. In this paper, a microscopic traffic flow model based on weather conditions is proposed. This model characterizes traffic based on the weather severity index. The Intelligent Driver (ID) model characterizes traffic behavior based on a constant acceleration exponent resulting in similar traffic behavior regardless of the conditions, which is unrealistic. The ID and proposed models are evaluated over a circular road of length 800 m. The results obtained indicate that the proposed model characterizes the velocity and density better than the ID model. Further, variations in the traffic flow with the proposed model are smaller during adverse weather, as expected. It is also shown that traffic is stable with the proposed model, even during adverse weather.



microscopic traffic flow, adverse weather, acceleration exponent, intelligent driver model, vehicle trajectories, traffic stability


Ali, F., Khan, Z. H., Khattak, K. S., & Gulliver, T. A. (2022). “A microscopic traffic flow model characterization for weather conditions.” Applied Sciences, 12(24), 12981. https://doi.org/10.3390/app122412981