The piano music of Jean Coulthard




Colton, Glenn David

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“The Piano Music of Jean Coultthard” provides a musicological assessment of keyboard literature by one of the leading composers in the history of Canadian music. Coulthard's piano works are discussed from aesthetic, historical, and analytical perspectives. Discussion of specific piano works is prefaced by a more general overview of aesthetic principles pertaining to Coulthard's compositional style (including a comparative study between Coulthard's music and the art of Emily Carr) and the question of a Canadian musical identity. The historical focus of the study relates to three main fields of inquiry: the development of Coulthard's distinctive style of piano writing from the early mature works of the 1940s to the more recent compositions of the 1980s and 1990s; the composer's historical position in twentieth-century music; and her lasting influence upon Canadian culture. Analytical issues addressed include Coulthard's innovative reworking of traditional musical forms and the characteristic features of her musical vocabulary and pianistic style. This study will demonstrate Coulthard's vital role in the development of piano music in Canada as well as her overall significance in twentieth-century music.



Communication and the arts, Social sciences, Language, literature and linguistics, Coulthard, Jean, Piano