A hands-on project to promote student engagement and motivation in high school metal shop




Feustel, Alan

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Student motivation and engagement and how they can be used to create hands-on projects in the high school metalshop were examined. Project selection is critical to the success of elective courses; not only do the projects need to satisfy the learning outcomes of the course, but they must also motivate and engage students. Current literature about student motivation, engagement and mindset, as well as personal observation of students in my own classroom were used to provide a foundation for the selection and development of a hands-on project for a high school metalworking class. A 2 x 72 inch variable speed belt grinder was chosen as a project for senior metalworking students. This project was carefully designed to make it accessible for students and a set of detailed instructions known as a cookbook was created to assist in maintaining student motivation while building this challenging hands-on project. 



hands on, technology education, shop class