Visual neglect in ADHD students




Diamond, Susan J.

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Unilateral Visual Neglect was measured in 12 Attention Deficit Disorder, Hyperactive elementary boys aged 8-12 years old, and 27 classroom derived boys also aged 8-12. Previous studies have suggested greater numbers of omission errors on the left side of the page in attention deficit disorder. This study compared a carefully diagnosed group of hyperactives to a classroom sample of boys to see if this type of error is particular to the ADD with H dimension of attention. The Behavioural Inattention Test (Thames Valley Test Company, (1987) series of conventional subtests, was used. This test is commonly used to detect neglect in stroke victims. Tests involve line bisection, line crossing, star and letter cancellation, representational drawing and copying of drawings. No significant differences between the two groups were found on non-parametric statistical testing of the results of four comparisons: total test score, total errors, left sided errors, right sided errors,. Some differences between the groups were noted, but scores realized were very close to the ceiling and few errors were made. It was concluded that the BIT test is not especially suitable for testing neglect in this population.



Attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder, Hyperactive children