Policy regimes toward female genital mutilation: a comparative analysis of the strategies for eradication in France and the Netherlands




Costelloe, Sinéad

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Female genital mutilation, or FGM, is a harmful traditional practice that was brought to Europe by immigrants from practising regions in Africa. Despite numerous approaches to the eradication of FGM, the tradition perpetuates within the immigrant communities in several European countries. Drawing on the available literature, film and interviews, this thesis presents a comparison of the French and Dutch strategies to tackling the problem of FGM. The thesis argues that the Dutch preventative approach could benefit from adopting particular features of the French punitive approach. The thesis concludes by proposing that strong legislative measures that apply to the discovery, investigation and prosecution of FGM cases have contributed significantly to the decline of FGM among practising communities in France, and as such, would have similar results if incorporated into the Dutch strategy for the eradication of FGM.



female genital mutilation, Female circumcision