Mechanical design, dynamic modeling and control of hydraulic artificial muscles




Nikkhah, Arman

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Artificial human muscles have traditionally been operated through pneumatic means, and are known as Pneumatic Artificial Muscles (PAMs). Over the last several decades, Hydraulic Artificial Muscles (HAMs) have also been investigated due to their high power-to-weight ratio and human-like characteristics. Compared to PAMs, HAMs typically exhibit faster response, higher efficiency, and superior position control; characteristics which provide potential for application in rehabilitation robotics. This thesis presents a new approach to actuate artificial muscles in an antagonistic pair configuration. The detailed mechanical design of the test platform is introduced, along with the development of a dynamic model for actuating an artificial elbow joint. Also, custom manufactured Oil-based Hydraulic Artificial Muscles (OHAMs) are implemented in a biceps-triceps configuration and characterized on the test platform. Furthermore, an integrator-backstepping controller is derived for HAMs with different characteristics (stiffness and damping coefficients) in an antagonistic pair configuration. Finally, simulations and experimental results of the position control of the artificial elbow joint are discussed to confirm the functionality of the OHAMs utilizing the proposed actuating mechanism and the effectiveness of the developed control algorithm.



Integrator-backstepping, Artificial muscles, backstepping control, Bio-inspired robotics, Control, Control Systems, Dynamic modeling, Dynamics, Elbow joint, HAMs, Joint control, Hydraulic artificial muscles, Mechanical design, Non-linear control, Nonlinear control, Opposing pair configurations, PAMs, PID, pneumatic artificial muscles, Robots, Robotics, Controller Design