Learning excursions in the community




McPherson, Kara

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This project examines the theoretical and practical benefits of creating learning communities within education and demonstrates how these learning communities can positively impact students, staff, parents, and community members. This project explores the importance of linking the school to the broader community and how a symbiotic relationship can be created, especially in rural communities. A multitude of benefits and opportunities are available to students within these communities, which are demonstrated throughout this project. A number of specific field trips, or what I like to call ‘learning excursions’, are highlighted to provide detailed examples and evidence of these advantages. Students’ responses, learning that occurred, connections to the literature and connections to the curriculum are all reported to give a thorough explanation for each excursion. In doing so, my goal is to provide theoretical reasoning and concrete evidence for taking students on such learning excursions within their respective communities.



field trips, learning excursions, community connections