LivelyViz: an approach to develop interactive collaborative web visualizations




Bazurto Blacio, Voltaire

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We investigate the development of collaborative data dashboards, comprised of web visualization components. For this, we explore the use of Lively Web as a development platform and provide a framework for developing web collaborative scientific visualizations. We use a modern thin-client approach that moves most of the specific application processing logic from the client side to the server side, leveraging the implementation of reusable web services. As a web application, it provides users with multi-platform and multi-device compatibility along with enhanced concurrent access from remote locations. Our platform focuses on providing reusable, interactive, extensible and tightly- integrated web visualization components. Such visualization components are designed to be readily usable in distributed-synchronous collaborative environments. As use case we consider the development of a dashboard for researchers working with bioinformatics datasets, in particular Poxviruses data. We argue that our thin-client approach for developing web collaborative visualizations can greatly benefit researchers in different geographic locations in their mission of analyzing datasets as a team.



LivelyViz, Lively, Visualization, Collaboration, Bioinformatics, Dashboard, Collaborative, Collaborative visualizations, Synchronous collaboration, Computer science, Genomic data, Framework, Thin-client