A pilot evaluation of a community-based group intervention for children affected by divorce




Regev, Rotem

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The effectiveness of the Caught in the Middle (CIM) program was evaluated in a sample of 7 parent-child dyads who had recently experienced marital separation. Changes in children’s feelings before and after program participation concerning the normative frequency of divorce, coping skills, stress, self-blame, and triangulation were assessed. Feeling supported, enjoying participation and practicing skills were assessed postintervention. Changes in parents’ feelings before and after the program concerning their satisfaction with CIM, their and their children’s stress levels, were assessed. Feeling supported, being informed about the effects of divorce, and application of skills taught for their own and their children’s benefit were reported at group culmination. Results demonstrate a significant decrease from pre- to post-test in parents’ perceptions of children’s stress levels. Although other research hypotheses were not supported, it is argued that initial evidence for the effectiveness of the CIM program was demonstrated. Clinical significance and implications are discussed.



children, divorced parents, psychological aspects