Subjective rupture: an inquiry into the phenomenon of subjective transformation




Soper, Devin Vincent

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This thesis explores the phenomenon of change and transformation on the level of subjective consciousness, focussing in particular on the questions of how such change and transformation might come about, and of what it might entail for the subject’s experience of self and world. Building on work from the fields of cognitive psychology and neuroscience, I not only inquire into the disruptive (and transformative) potential of extreme, emotionally significant experiences, but also construct a conceptual framework for characterizing the changes and transformations that such experiences can provoke. After establishing this framework as a means of addressing the questions above, I deploy it in relation to the models of subjective transformation set forth by Georges Bataille, Michel Foucault, Judith Butler, and Slavoj Žižek, demonstrating how it helps to enrich these models by contributing to a more expansive understanding of their dynamics and implications on the level of subjective consciousness.



subjective consciousness, subjectivity, transformation