Shaping the near-field with resonant metal nanostructures




Zhao, Lan

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Metal nanostructures, with their extraordinary optical properties, have attracted great attention in recent years. Subwavelength-scaled metal elements, without involving array effects, have the unique ability to confine or route light at the nano-scale. In this thesis, we provide three topics relating to the manipulation of light using metal nanostructures. We first present a theory to solve the end-face reflection of a subwavelength metal stripe, which is beneficial to the design of optical resonator antennas. Subsequently, we take the advantage of the destructive interference among triple nano-slits to sharpen the focus beam in the near-field at near-infrared wavelengths, which is of interest to the study of near-field optical phase imaging and lithography. Lastly, we demonstrate a rectangular subwavelength aperture quad to convert linearly polarized radiation to a radially polarized beam, which is useful to create a deep-subwavelength focus and for optical trapping.



near-field, plasmonics, surface plasmon