Routers with small buffers: impact of packet size on performance for mixed TCP and UDP traffic.




Jahid, Md. Mohsinul

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Recent research results on buffer sizing challenged the widely used assumption that routers should buffer millions of packets. These new results suggest that when smooth Transmission Control Protocol (TCP) traffic goes through a single tiny buffer of size O(logW), then close-to-peak throughput can be achieved where W is the maximum window size of TCP flows. But the current routers have the buffer size much larger than that. It is shown that, we can reduce the buffer size by a factor of √N when the traffic is somehow smooth, where N is the number of flows. So, the main goal of this thesis is to show some directions on how the buffer size can be reduced in Internet routers. In this research, we adopted some measures like different packet sizes, different network scenarios, different buffer sizes, various link delays to see the performance of small buffers with the presence of both TCP and UDP traffic.



Router, Small buffer, Packet size